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    Surface Mount Technology PCB
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    Low current draw CMOS Components
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    What is a battery desulfator you ask? It is an electronic device that cleans
    the internal plates of a battery. A desulfator removes the lead sulfate that
    builds up on poorly maintained batteries. This lead sulfate (that white
    powdery residue) will form on the batteries internal plates and greatly
    reduce the capacity of a charge held by the battery. An example of this
    would be a battery that will no longer hold a charge, or will show fully
    charged with your charger but still not have enough energy to operate
    your devices. Our product will remove the lead sulfate from the internal
    battery plates, allowing a fresh clean surface to restore the capacity back
    to your battery. In general if your battery is in the 3-5 year old range it is
    not that uncommon to see 90% of full capacity returned after 4 weeks of
    use. However, not all batteries are recoverable, if your battery has
    internally shorted plates a desulfator will not correct this condition. In
    general if your battery has a standing terminal voltage of 10.2 or greater
    (5.0 or greater for six volt batteries) your change for recovery is very
    good. (IE, no shorted cells)

    Our product is designed to be left connected "full-time" to the battery and
    will provide many years of maintenance free operation. This is our third
    generation product, we have provided many features that are not
    common with other desulfators on the market, including low voltage
    protection and reverse polarity protection. Our product will work on ALL
    types of lead acid batteries, including sealed lead acid (SLA), Gel types,
    and the more common flooded lead acid like deep cycle marine and

    Our product can be left connected to your battery during charging and
    discharging cycles. If your battery has heavy lead sulfate deposits,
    "dead", it is recommended to use a small trickle style charger in the 1-2
    amp range when in the recovery phase (the first 2-3 weeks). The use of a
    high current or bulk rate charger will quickly cause heat build up in the
    battery plates. This rapid heat build up could cause the battery acid to
    boil or worse, the battery might explode. NEVER use a high current
    charger on a "dead" battery.

    Application of battery desulfators in large solar or golf cart installations.
    We strongly suggest the use of one desulfator per battery. You really want
    all of your batteries to recovery at the same rate in this type of
    application. If you only install the desulfator on only a few batteries the
    bank will not charge evenly. Your performance gains will always be
    limited by your weakest battery.

    We do not provide a written warranty as we sell globally and we just can
    not keep up with all of the warranty laws as they vary greatly from country
    to country and even state to state in the US. It would be extremely rare for
    one of our desulfators to fail, please contact us directly or one of our
    dealer outlet centers for repair or replacement.

    One of our desulfators will desulfate batteries ranging in storage capacity
    from 1Ah to 1000Ah (amp-hour) We have been manufacturing, testing,
    and refining this product for over 20 years. Our product is 100% made in
    the USA, yes even the labor! Thank you for keeping our people employed.

    Thank you for taking the time to read about our product.  

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